The modern day planner.

(A Daniel Gray project.)

Why Lektier?


Lektier was built with performance in mind. It leverages the latest web technologies, like service workers and server-side improvements, like asynchronous functions, to ensure Lektier will work as fast as possible for everyone. Lektier scores top marks in various test suites, like the google lighthouse test.


Lektier wants to make sure everyone stays as secure and private as possible. Lektier has incorporated features to keep users as secure and private as possible, scoring an A on Security Headers (better than most homework sites). Your password is hashed (an irreversible operation which makes the plaintext password unobtainable) before it leaves the device, before being hashed again on the server, just another way we keep our users secure.

Ease of Use

Lektier comes with minimum frustration. It is easy to setup, use and maintain, a relief for everyone.


Homework Management

Lektier features a homework management system, where teachers can upload homework, and students can view it. It also has features like date highlighting and contextual links to help students get their homework done efficiently.

Resource Management

Lektier also has a resource management system. It allows teachers to upload resources which can be set to help with homework, and students can view them. It also features a folder view which allows teachers and students to look at any resource any time.


Lektier has a To-do system which allows both students and teachers to remind them what they need to do. It allows students and teachers to organise what they need to do.